I already have killed my alter egos

In stories I write

In poems that I pen down

In novels I look for

Characters like myself

To see If they survived

Or just lived a monotonous life

Of hiding self

Being selfish

I guess

Otherwise I would have given courage

To some young girl

To come out of her shell

Despite other’s consummate rational

But even my protagonists and side characters

And foils of the foils

End up losing their Pseudo Happy lives

Like bacteria in hard water stains die

When treated with heavy duty chemicals.

My pen needs to be broken

To break the pattern

Of sad lyrics it writes

Of fighting mental struggle and flaking

Into crumble

Still I gather them


Relentlessly kneed

And cook delicious mealS

Get ready to fight another fight

For there is still some living in me

Perhaps I will muster courage one day

Perhaps pigs will fly some day

Perhaps I will inspire a little girl to fight

And light a lamp for her to survive

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