Pain of thousand deaths
When endured, a miracle happens
A new life takes breath
Shrill cries in air clang
My baby years encountered the miracle
My baby brother born a little bean
Moment was pivotal
A niche was created, a need gaped in me
My being yearned ardently for a baby
My thousand dolls witnessed
Thousand lullabies that I crammed
A hiss of water on a draught land
My envy of thousand mothers
Their babies in their embrace
My atavistic instinct dismissed as mere cavil
A thousand benison for my imagined progeny
Limned in every detail
The source of opprobrium
My sedulous will bewitched
Dismissed as logorrhea
But obverse is not acceptable
Repose for now but not long
But nagging presage has me in twist and spiral entangled
My privy musings dark and dank
My manna my behoove

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