My Dogra land is
Land of Saints, land of men brave
They are respite of cold water
In scorching summer days hotter

Punch Rajouri, Jammu, Samba, Basoli, Kangda
If it rain, the yield of crops is plethora
If it’s amiss, even then they dance on bangra
Never are pessimistic Dogra
This land of Dogra, is land of abundant flora

Dogras have World famous Basoli art unique
There is no Hindu in India
Who hasn’t once visited Vaishno mata
Each festival is colour, ritual, enthusiasm and feasts
Especially Rahre, Sakolare, Dhamdeh, Lohri, Janamashtmi , Guru-Parvas, Charismas or if it is Eid.
If you ever visit our land pure
Do try our local cuisine
Mitha Madra , Shree Pulao, Auria, Ambal, Succhiya, Sakaran, Cchile and Ghyur.
Do listen Kaarak and Bhaakh,
One is a classical Raag
And no instrument is used in Bhaakh.
Dogra culture, time has proven
Is Inclusive in nature
and stands for and by patriotism, amity and mankind.
Our heritage is
patience, sacrifice, secularity and unity
Dogriyat is the essence of the culture Dogri.

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